The Institute of Experimental Medicine HAS in Budapest

Koki Hu

The Institute of Experimental Medicine is a member of the research institute network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS). The institute is dedicated exclusively to basic biomedical research in the field of neuroscience. This includes studies on neurotransmission, learning and memory, neuronal development, anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, aggressive behaviours, ischemic and epileptic brain damage, neurodegenerative disorders and the central and peripheral control of hormone secretion. The 15 research teams belonging to 5 Departments of the Institute employ multidisciplinary approaches: traditional, well-established methodologies (e.g. anatomy, electrophysiology, neurochemistry, pharmacology and behavioural neuroscience) are combined with novel approaches in cellular and molecular biology such as optogenetics, super-resolution microscopy, patch clamp, 2-photon microscopy, calcium imaging techniques and behavioural technologies. Many of the state-of-the-art equipments are available for all researchers as core facilities within the institute such as a light microscopy centre in collaboration with Nikon, electron microscopes, virus facilities and behavioural core.

Local and foreign funding including ERC, Wellcome Trust and HAS enables the Institute to maintain a leading position in the international mainstream of neuroscience research.

International mobility of our researchers and visiting scientists and the adequate financing enable the Institute to stay in the international mainstream of its pursued neuroscience research. The Institute has scientific links with more than 120 institutions from Europe and North American, but it also has partners in Asia and Africa. The institute is involved in undergraduate and postgraduate training as part of a close collaboration with 3 universities in Budapest, one of which has its Neuroscience Department in the institute, and another has a joint Graduate School with us.

Team Lead

Professor Tamás F. Freund – Cellular and Network Neurobiology


  • Young Investigator
Dr. Judit Makara – Neuronal Signaling
  • Young Investigator
Dr. Bálazs Rózsa – Computational Neuroscience
  • Young Investigator
Dr. János Szabadics – Cellular Neuropharmacology


  • Alumni
Dr. Zoltán Nusser – Neuroscience