2 Positions in Clinical Neuroscience : Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg has the following vacancies at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine. The LCSB is accelerating biomedical research by closing the link between systems biology and medical research. Collaboration between biologists, medical doctors, computer scientists, and mathematicians is offering understanding principal mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and for developing new tools in diagnostics and therapy.

All biomedical research institutions in Luxembourg have joined their expertises in the National Centre of Excellence in Research on Parkinson's disease. This long-term program, funded by the Fonds National de la Recherche, applies a Systems Medicine approach to Parkinson's disease for an earlier stage diagnosis and stratification. Luxembourg builds patient and risk cohorts for Parkinson's disease.

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2 positions in Clinical Neuroscience
These positions are shared with Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg and offer a combination of patient examination and research.

Physician scientist
with a medical degree and an interest in clinical research studies and neurodegeneration and offer the possibility for specialist training in Neurology.

with a MSc in Neuropsychology who is interested in neurodegenerative diseases.