Ph.D. Student in Leuven/Belgium

Applications are sought from prospective PhD students interested in joining prof. dr. Marco Davare's laboratory in the Movement Control & Neuroplasticity Research Group at KU Leuven.

The PhD project will involve the use of virtual reality environments, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and functional brain imaging (fMRI) to investigate how the human cortex integrates information from the senses of vision and touch for controlling skilled hand movements, in particular grasping movements.
This project will ultimately provide better insights into how the human brain extracts sensory information from the environment and uses it to control actions. This knowledge can be applied to improve artificial grasp performed by robotic devices that are used in brain-machine interfaces and prosthetic limbs for paralysed patients. It could also lead to development of new rehabilitation methods for patients with sensory deficits by using techniques of sense substitution.

You are a dynamic and motivated individual (m/f) with:
1. Essential skills and knowledge:
• a Masters degree in Movement or Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy, Biomedical Sciences, Neurosciences, Experimental Psychology, Computer Sciences or Bioengineering.
• excellent scores for your bachelor and master degrees.
• a strong interest in Neuroscience and Virtual Reality.
• basic programming skills in Matlab.
• an excellent command of English: excellent communication and writing skills to present results at international conferences and prepare manuscripts for front line journals.

2. Desirable skills and knowledge (optional):
• previous experience with EMG, motion and force recording techniques.
• previous experience with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) of motor cortex

We offer the PhD candidate a full-time employment for a total of 4 years (based on positive yearly evaluations). The post is available from 1st October 2015. Please send a motivation letter and CV.

Job Information

Employment start date:2016-10-01
Contract length:4 years
Institution:KU Leuven
Department:Movement Control & Neuroplasticity Research Group

Contact Information

prof. Marco Davare
KU Leuven
Phone +3216377811
Email [email protected]