Ph.D. Student in Quebec/Canada, Stress and Feeding Laboratory

PhD scholarship for a period of 3 years in Stress and Feeding Laboratory ( at the Laval University, Quebec, Canada, on the topic: Electrophysiological aspects of stress-induced plasticity in the neuronal network regulating addiction and food intake. 

The annual salary amount to $18.000 Can.

Requirements: (1) University degree in biomedical sciences or related fields; (2) Master (MSc.) degree in biomedical or related fields.

The preference will be given to candidates with experience and publications in electrophysiology involved in vivo neuronal recordings in animal models.

Please send your CV (including list of publications), relevant scholar diploma, and two reference letters in PDF format to

[email protected]

Job Information

Closing date: 2015-05-30
Employment start date: 2015-06-01
Contract length:3 years
Institution: Laval University
Department: Psychiatry and Neuroscience

Contact Information

Elena Timofeeva, PhD
CRIUCPQ, Pavillon Youville, Y3150
2725, chemin Sainte Foy
G1V 4G5
Phone 418-656-8711
Email [email protected]