Post-doctoral position in Washington University in St Louis/USA

A postdoctoral research associate / scholar position is available in the Washington University Pain Center at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Jose Moron-Concepcion is seeking a highly motivated individual to pursue studies focused on defining (1) the roles of glutamate receptors in the mechanisms underlying opioid-induced synaptic plasticity, and (2) the mechanisms underlying opioid dependence and relapse to drug-seeking behavior. The research program involves a combination of electrophysiological, behavioral models of drug dependence, live cell imaging and molecular-genetic approaches. This position also provides the opportunity to gain expertise in molecular physiology and the determination of the role of glutamate and ion channels in the mechanisms underlying opioid-induced synaptic plasticity. In addition, this project will allow the development of imaging skills with epifluorescence and confocal microscopy. The focus will be on the professional growth and development necessary to transition to an independently-funded faculty researcher.

Required Qualifications

The ideal candidate should hold a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D. degree, possess a strong background in cellular electrophysiology, particularly the field recordings and whole-cell voltage-clamp techniques, and the analyses of electrophysiological data. In addition, experience with behavioral animal models of dependence (conditioned place preference, i.v. self-admin, etc.) is highly desirable. Experience/publications using the whole-cell variation of the patch-clamp technique and behavioral models of drug dependence.

Preferred Qualifications

* Prior experience with surgical procedures in rodents for intracranial administration of drugs is preferred.
* Experience with fluorescent imaging in single cells with either or both epifluorescence microscopy and/or confocal microscopy preferred.
* Experience working with glutamate receptors (AMPAR, NMDAR, mGluARs) is preferred.

Job Information

Institution:Washington University

Contact Information

Jose Moron-Concepcion
Washington University in St Louis
Phone 001 212 3420023
Email [email protected]