Postdoc, Leti/Clinatec, Grenoble, France

Parkinson disease is a neurodegenerative progressive disorder. Actual treatment are symptomatic but do not cure or slow done disease progression. So, neuroprotective strategies are essential to limit dopaminergic neuronal death. Previous studies demonstrates the neuroprotective properties of near infra red light on cell cultures and animal models for Parkinson disease. Motor function and dopaminergic neurons survival were significantly increased. Our team was a pioneer in this research field.
The global aim of the project is to develop a clinical strategy based on neuroprotective effects of near infra-red light for Parkinson disease, to perform a clinical trial soon. This project is realized at CEA/Clinatec, Grenoble, France, in collaboration with University of Sydney, Australia, on a multidisciplinary environment and under scientific supervision of Pr. AL. Benabid.
Post-doctoral fellow will have to set up, realize and analyze experiments in coordination with team and project leader, in order to develop chronic animal models to optimize illumination parameters and identify biological mechanisms underground.
Post doctoral fellow will have to be allowed to perform animal experiments (on rodents and primates), and background in neurosciences, animal models of Parkinson disease, and behavioral studies. Immunological knowledge will be also appreciated. Candidates must have spent less than 1 year in France in last 3 years.

Closing date: 2015-05-30
Employment start date: 2015-10-01
Contract length: 36 months
Institution: CEA
Department: Leti / Clinatec

Cécile MORO
17 av. des Martyrs, batiment 43
38054 Grenoble
Phone +33 438780611
Email [email protected]