Dr. Francois Lallemend Department of Neuroscience – The European Neuroscience Institute at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm

  • Young Investigator

Neuronal Specification and Connectivity in the Peripheral Nervous System

About Dr. Francois Lallemend

Our lab is interested in understanding how different populations of neurons diversify and assembly into interconnected, functional circuits that control our behavior. We use the motor circuits as a model. They consist of three main, distinct components that are organized in an exquisite tridimensional neural network which controls motor behavior. These include spinal neurons, supraspinal centers and the sensory feedbacks provided by proprioceptive sensory neurons (PSNs). Although PSNs are essential for coordinated motor output, our knowledge of their development, integration into motor circuits and physiological properties remains elusive. Also, PSNs develop within a highly heterogeneous population of sensory neurons, must project peripherally within the growing limbs and establish precise central contacts with interneurons or motor neurons in different laminae of the spinal cord. They are therefore an excellent context in which to explore the relationships between neuron fate, axon growth, target-derived signals, synaptic connectivity and cell physiology. We use in the lab multidisciplinary approaches including advanced mouse genetics, cell/molecular biology and advanced genomics to investigate the fundamental molecular processes underlying the assembly of the sensory-motor circuits and the general principles that control the spatio-temporal regulation of neuronal specification.

For further information, please also see: http://ki.se/en/neuro/lallemend-laboratory

5 Selected Publications

Hadjab S., Franck M., Wang Y., Sterzenbach U., Sharma A., Ernfors P., Lallemend F. (2013) A local source of FGF initiates development of the unmyelinated linage of sensory neurons. J. Neurosci., 33 (45) : 17656-66.

Furlan A., Lubke M., Adameyko I., Lallemend F., Ernfors P. (2013) The transcription factor Hmx1 and growth factor receptor activities control sympathetic neurons diversification. EMBO J., 32 (11) : 1613-25.

Defourny J., Poirrier AL., Lallemend F., Mateo Sánchez S., Neef J., Vanderhaeghen P., Soriano E., Peuckert C., Kullander K., Fritzsch B., Nguyen L., Moonen G., Moser T., Malgrange B. (2013) Ephrin-A5/EphA4 signaling control specific afferent targeting to cochlear hair cells. Nat. Commun., 4:1438.

Lallemend F., Sterzenbach U., Hadjab-Lallemend S., Aquino JB., Castelo-Branco G., Sinha I., Villaescusa JC., Levanon D., Wang Y., Franck MC., Kharchenko O., Adameyko I., Linnarsson S., Groner Y., Turner E., Ernfors P. (2012) Positional differences of intrinsic axon growth rates between sensory neurons encoded by Runx3. EMBO J., 31 (18) : 3718-29.

Adameyko I., Lallemend F., Aquino JB., Pereira JA., Topilko P., Müller T., Fritz N., Beljajeva A., Mochii M., Liste I., Usoskin D., Suter U., Birchmeier C., Ernfors P. (2009) Schwann cell precursors from nerve innervation are a cellular origin of melanocytes in skin. Cell., 139 (2) :366-79.

Awards, Fellowships and Honours

2014            Assistant Professorship from Karolinska Institute (Career Advanced Program)
2013            Research Grant from the Swedish Research Council in Natural Science
2013            Wallenberg Academy Fellow in Medicine
2012            Ragnar Söderbergs Fellow in Medicine
2011            Research Grant from the Swedish Research Council in Medicine
2011            Assistant Professorship from the Swedish Research Council in Medicine
2007            Marie Curie Intra-European Research Fellow Position
2006            Postdoctoral Position from the Swedish Research Council in Medicine
2005            International Spoendlin’s Junior Award
2003            PhD student position from FNRS/FRIA

Technical Expertise

  • Developmental neurobiology
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Mouse genetics
  • Neuronal specification
  • Axonal growth
  • Sensory-motor circuits