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About Dr. Igor Adameyko

The peripheral nervous system (PNS) targets all parts of the body starting from early stages of embryonic development, and in large part, is derived from multipotent migratory neural crest stem cells. Current opinion mostly perceives the PNS as a means of communication and information exchange between the central nervous system, the rest of the body and the environment. However, the spectrum of functions performed by PNS is much broader. Recently, we demonstrated that there are multipotent nerve-adjacent cells that can be reprogrammed in vivo and play a number of roles from creating pigmentation to controlling regeneration of a limb in amphibians and skin in rodents. My research interests are concentrated around these multipotent neural crest-like stem cells hosted in the PNS. In general, we attempt to address non-canonical functions of the peripheral nerve, including its role it regeneration, physiological development and tissue homeostasis. We are specifically looking into how nervous system controls the development of innervated tissues, provides the recovery clues and exerts an overall control over the structure of non-neural components in the body via paracrine signals and direct deposition of original cell types in targeted tissues.

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Awards, Fellowships and Honours

2012          Raman Award
2013          Bertil Hallsten Academy Fellow Award