Dr Katarzyna Lukasiuk Epileptogenesis – The Nencki Institute at Warsaw

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About Dr Katarzyna Lukasiuk

Research profile:

Our research is concentrated on the molecular responses to brain injury and molecular events leading to the develop- ment of epilepsy. We are particularly interested in alterations in gene expression that lead to the development of spon- taneous seizures in in vivo models of epileptogenesis and epilepsy. We are also interested in developing new strate- gies to prevent epilepsy development


• animal models of epileptogenesis and epilepsy
• video-EEG monitoring
• neuronal cell cultures
• gene silencing and overexpresssion in neurons in vitro
• in situ hybridization
• immunohistochemistry
• immunocytochemistry
• immunoblotting
• basic molecular biology methods

Current research activities:

• search for new genes involved in development of epilepsy
• the role of Ttyh1 in normal brain and in brain pathology
• investigation of compounds influencing immune system as a potential drugs for modification of epileptogenesis and epilepsy
• role of neurogenesis in epileptogenesis and epilepsy

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