Dr. Matt Jones University of Bristol, School of Physiology and Pharmacology – Neuroscience at Bristol

  • Young Investigator

Cognitive Neurophysiology

  • University of Bristol, School of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • [email protected]
  • +44 (0)117 331 2289
  • United Kingdom

About Dr. Matt Jones

Rhythmic neuronal activity reflects the coordination and interactions of networks of neurons during complex cognitive processes and behaviour. Accordingly, many psychiatric disorders are associated with impaired neural synchrony.

We use specialized electrode arrays to record simultaneously from large groups of neurons, measuring synchrony of network activities in anatomically and functionally related circuits, both during normal behaviour and in models of diseases like schizophrenia, Down syndrome and Alzheimer´s Disease.

5 Selected Publications

Witton J.*, Padmashri R.*, Zinyuk L.E.*, Popov V.I., Kraev I., Line S.J., Jensen T.P., Tedoldi A., Cummings D., Tybulewicz V.L.J., Fisher E.M.C., Bannerman, D.M., Randall A.D., Brown J.T., Edwards F.A., Rusakov D.A., Stewart M.G. and Jones M.W. (2015) Hippocampal circuit dysfunction in the Tc1 mouse model of Down syndrome. Nature Neurosci. 18: 1291-8

Gardner R.J., Hughes S.W. and Jones M.W. (2013) Differential spike timing and phase dynamics of reticular thalamic and prefrontal cortical neuronal populations during sleep spindles. J. Neurosci. 33: 18469-80

Phillips K.G.*, Bartsch U.*, McCarthy A.P., Edgar D.M., Tricklebank M.D., Wafford K.A. and Jones M.W. (2012) Decoupling of sleep-dependent cortical and hippocampal interactions in a neurodevelopmental model of schizophrenia. Neuron 76: 526-33

McHugh T., Jones M., Quinn J., Balthasar N., Coppari R., Elmquist J., Lowell B., Fanselow M., Wilson M., and Tonegawa S. (2007) Dentate Gyrus NMDA Receptors Mediate Rapid Pattern Separation in the Hippocampal Network. Science, 317 (5834): 94-9.

Jones M., and Wilson M. (2005) Theta rhythms coordinate hippocampal-prefrontal interactions in a spatial memory task. PLoS Biol., 3 (12): e402.

Awards, Fellowships and Honours

2013Member of the Wellcome Trust Expert Review Group for Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience  
2012Member of MRC Industrial Collaborative Training and Careers (ICTC) Assessment Panel 
2011MRC Senior Non-clinical Fellowship (till '16)
2006RCUK Academic Fellowship (till '11)
2006Integrative Pharmacology Fund Fellowship (till '11)
2000Wellcome Trust International Prize Travelling Fellowship (till '02)
1993Scholar of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (for 1st Class B.A. in Natural Sciences)

Technical Expertise

  • In vivo electrophysiology
  • Cognitive behavioural testing
  • Rodent models of neuropsychiatric disease