Prof. Dr. André Fischer Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen – European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen

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Epigenetics and Neurodegenerative Diseases

  • Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen
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About Prof. Dr. André Fischer

Our group aims to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying learning and memory processes under physiological and pathological conditions. To this end we combine molecular, biochemical, pharmacological and behavioral approaches using mice as model organisms.

We are particularly interested to understand cognitive impairment associated with normal aging as well as the pathogenesis of mental and neurodegenerative diseases, such as anxiety disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

Using animal models we deeply aim to identify therapeutic strategies that would help to reinstate neuroplasticity, learning behavior and the retrieval of lost long-term memories in patients suffering form such devastating diseases.

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