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About Professor Diethelm W. Richter

Research Interest:

Neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and peptide hormones are known to activate metabotropic receptor proteins that control ion channels or
second messenger cascades.

These receptors regulate an intracellular network of interacting signal transduction pathways by means of G-proteins. Thus, receptors transmit
extracellular signals to intracellular proteins and other chemical factors. These signals are normally not transduced in a stereotype manner, but
they are integrated in a space- and time-dependent manner, resulting in highly dynamic and variable cellular responses. The specific nature of the
cellular response depends on individual cell types that may differ in the expression pattern of receptor subtypes or of intracellular signaling
As a network model we use the medullary respiratory center to verify the structural and functional consequences of transient and enduring changes in systemic neuromodulation.

We also try to translate experimental data to clinical practise for the treatment of respiratory disturbances as they occur in various diseases
(Startle reaction, Rett syndrome, Seizure), but also under anesthesia and after drug abuse.

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