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On this page, you can find the recent and active news concerning ENINET and related interests.  ENINET sponsored events, press release and current Newsletter are  described in the other news sections.

ENINET contribution to publication costs

Date posted: Friday 24 July 2009

Scientific publications


Scientific publications of ENINET partners can be supported by ENINET funds to a

maximum of 800 € per publication if the financial support by the ENINET is explicitly

stated in the acknowledgements (see below) of the respective paper.

These costs have to be taken out of the local ENINET budgets.

For the associated partners the central budget will contribute to the publication costs.


The acknowledgement should read as follows:

"This work was supported by the European Commission Coordination Action

ENINET (contract number LSHM-CT-2005-19063)".


Please note that this EU contract will end on the 31st of October 2009.

Therefore, all financial proceedings should be settled by the 30th of September 2009.

Please contact [email protected] for any further questions.