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The Institute of Experimental Medicine HAS in Budapest

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The Institute of Experimental Medicine is a member of the research institute network of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS). Its primary mission is basic neuroscience research with direct links towards clinical as well as pharmaceutical applications. The 13 research teams belonging to 5 Departments of the Institute employ multidisciplinary approaches: traditional, well-established methodologies (e.g. anatomy, electrophysiology, neurochemistry, pharmacology and behavioural neuroscience) combined with novel approaches in cellular and molecular biology, as well as with patch clamp and calcium imaging techniques, freeze-fracture replica labeling, etc. Our research activities cover most of the levels of analysis of brain function, from molecular and cellular to systems and behavioural. In general, the topics are centered around the mechanisms of various neurological and psychiatric disorders, as well as around basic mechanisms of neurotransmission, and operational principles of various brain areas, networks and systems.

Considerable efforts are made to bridge the gap between academy and pharmaceutical industry or clinics by an increasing number of translational neuroscience projects, and a closer collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and clinical researchers. These activities in the Institute meet the research strategies and expectations of the European Union, leading to an increased chance of funding by the EU Framework Programmes, and a better integration within the European Research Area.

International mobility of our researchers and visiting scientists and the adequate financing enable the Institute to stay in the international mainstream of its pursued neuroscience research. The Institute has scientific links with more than 120 institutions from Europe and North American, but it also has partners in Asia and Africa.