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The Neuroscience Institute at Seville

Team Leader

> Dr Rafael Fernández-Chacón
Molecular Biology of Presynaptic Function

Young Investigators

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The ENI-Seville is a project initiated within the neuroscience community in the University of Seville. Currently, this project is fostered by the Department of Medical Physiology and Biophysics and the University Hospital Virgen del Rocio.

At present, we have space and equipment available for two ENI- young investigators but we expect to increase our facilities in the near future due to the new construction of a Center for Biomedical Research (CBR), located within the campus of the University Hospital. Neuroscience will be one of the major research areas of this new research center and therefore, we expect ENI-Seville to be a major part of the entire project. Our major interests are related to neurodegenerative diseases, synaptopathologies and cellular therapy (stem cell research).

One of the strengths of our group is the existence of a close contact with clinical services. In fact, the CBR is designed to carry out research on molecular medicine with an emphasis in the translation of basic knowledge to medical practice. We have a graduate program where MDs and future PhDs are trained together in basic molecular and cell biology techniques, electrophysiology and pathophysiology.

Our common technical facilities include: generation of genetically modified animal models, confocal microscopy, cell sorter, proteomics, etc.