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MRC Centre for Synaptic Plasticity
School of Medical Sciences University of Bristol
Anatomy Department
University Walk
BS8 1TD - Bristol
United Kingdom

Job opportunities

Dr Clea Warburton
Systems and behaviour
Neuroscience at Bristol

Research Area

The main aim of the group‘s research is to elucidate the neural and cellular bases of recognition memory.
A number of complementary behavioural, pharmacological and molecular techniques are used to examine the role of neurotransmitter systems (eg. glutamate and acetylcholine) and intracellular signaling pathways in familiarity discrimination within defined cortical regions.


Warburton, E.C. , Koder, T. Cho, K., Massey, P.V., Duguid, G., Barker, G.R.I., Aggleton, J.P., Bashir, Z.I. & Brown, M.W(2003):holinergic neurotransmission is essential for perirhinal cortical plasticity and recognition memory..Neuron:987-996

Technical Expertise