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Instituto de Neurociencias,
UMH-CSIC Unidad de Neurobiología
del Desarrollo CSIC y Universidad Miguel Hernández,
Campus de Sant Joan
03550 - Sant Joan d´Alacant

+34 965 91 92 31
+34 965 91 92 31

Job opportunities

Dr Eloisa Herrera
Developmental Neurobiology
The Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante

Research Area

Axons follow very precise paths during the development of the nervous system to reach their final targets and establish synaptic contact.  Different levels of regulation, ranging from transcriptional to translational and posttranslational mechanisms operate all together to elicit a correct axonal projection pattern. Research in our laboratory focus on the understanding of all these mechanisms and how they integrate and interact to each other. We are also interested in the relevance of new mechanisms emerging as possible modulators of axon guidance, arbor refinement and circuitry consolidation such as chromatin remodeling or neural activity.



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Technical Expertise

We use a multidisciplinary set of aproaches ranging from biochemistry and molecular biology, mouse genetics, expression pattern analysis (in situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry...), differential gene profile analysis (microarrays), in utero gene delivery and a wide variety of in vitro assays (retinal explants, retina-chiasm cocultures, retina-colliculo cocultures...).