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Laboratory of Neuronal Signaling
Institute of Experimental Medicine
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
43 Szigony Street
1083 - Budapest

++36 1 2109400

Job opportunities

Dr Judit Makara
Neuronal Signalling
The Institute of Experimental Medicine HAS in Budapest

Research Area

The dynamic formation and consolidation of neuronal ensembles with correlated activity is thought to be fundamental for learning and memory, yet the underlying cellular and network mechanisms are not well understood. Regulation of the intrinsic properties of individual neurons, affecting integration of patterned synaptic input arising from ensemble activity, may play a role in the process. Using two-photon and electrophysiological techniques, our aim is to understand how active dendritic properties shape synaptic interactions and processing of specific input pattern types, and to elucidate their contribution to the generation of memory-encoding microcircuits in the hippocampus.


Selected Publications

Harnett MT., Makara JK., Spruston N., Kath WL., Magee JC. Synaptic amplification by dendritic spines enhances input cooperativity. (2012) Nature, 491 (7425) :599-602. 

Makara JK., Losonczy A., Wen Q., Magee JC. (2009) Experience-dependent compartmentalized dendritic plasticity in rat hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. Nat. Neurosci., 12 (12) : 1485-7.

Andrásfalvy BK., Makara JK., Johnston D., Magee JC. (2008) Altered synaptic and non-synaptic properties of CA1 pyramidal neurons in Kv4.2 knockout mice. J. Physiol., 586 (16): 3881-92.

Losonczy A., Makara JK. , Magee JC. (2008) Compartmentalized dendritic plasticity and input feature storage in neurons. Nature, 452 (7186) : 436-41.


Awards, Fellowships and Honours

2011             International Senior Research fellowship of the Wellcome Trust (until 2016)
2011            “Lendület” grant of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (until 2016)

Technical Expertise
  • Synaptic integration, dendritic excitability in the hippocampus
  • Regulation of dendritic properties 
  • Two-photon microscopy
  • Electrophysiology