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Institut Pasteur
25 rue du Docteur Rous
Bâtiment Fernbach
Cedex 15
75724 - Paris

+33 1 40 61 32 16
+33 1 45 68 83 69

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Dr Thomas Bourgeron
Neurogenetics of human cognitive functions and genetic susceptibility to psychiatric diseases
The European Neuroscience Insitute in Paris, Pasteur

Research Area

This group aims to identify the genetic sequences involved in the development of human higher brain functions.
To address this question, they identify genetic inter-individual differences associated with psychiatric disorders.
They focus on autism and schizophrenia and investigate families with one or several affected individuals.
On the basis of linkage analyses and/or chromosomal rearrangements, they have characterised several candidate genes (FAM8A1, KIF13A, GRIK2, NLGNs) and identified the first mutations associated with idiopathic autism (neuroligins NLGN3 and NLGN4).

Durand CM, Kappeler C, Betancur C, Delorme R, Quach H, Goubran-Botros H, Melke J, Nygren G, Chabane N, Bellivier F, Szoke A, Schurhoff F, Rastam M, Anckarsäter H, Gillberg C, Leboyer M and Bourgeron T(2006):Expression and genetic variability of PCDH11Y, a gene specific to Homo sapiens and candidate for susceptibility to psychiatric disorders..Am. J. Med. Genet. (2006) 141, 67-70:
Bah J, Quach H, Ebstein RP, Segman RH, Melke J, Jamain S, Rietschel M, Modai I, Kanias K, Karni O, Lerer B, Gourion D, Krebs MO, Etain B, Schürhoff F, Szöke A, Le boyer M and Bourgeron T(2004):Maternal transmission disequilibrium of the glutamate re ceptor GRIK2 in schizophrenic patients..Neuroreport:1987-1991

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