The Institute of Experimental Medicine ASCR in Prague

Eni Prague

ENI-PRAGUE is located at the Institute of Experimental Medicine (IEM), Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ASCR) in Prague. Presently we are hosting one Young Investigator, Dr. Serhiy Forostyak, who is leading a small group within the laboratory of Tissue Culture and Stem Cells, Department of Neuroscience.

There are approximately 37 established scientists active in various Neuroscience fields in the IEM, many of whom maintain extensive collaborations with other researchers in the European neuroscience community. ENI-PRAGUE scientists have partnered in a number of the European Commission’s 6th and 7th Framework Programs and many also cooperate in an international Advanced Doctoral Program, in collaboration with Charles University. The institute has 26 full-time Ph.D. students working within our four neuroscience departments (the departments of Neuroscience, Auditory Neuroscience, Cellular Neurophysiology, and Molecular Neurophysiology). In addition, the IEM is closely linked with the Innovation Biomedical Center, which promotes the use of the institutes technology, and the Research Centre for Cell Therapy and Tissue Repair, a modern research center focused on basic research.

The Young Investigator group has access to state-of-the-art equipment at the IEM such as a Leica two-photon confocal microscope, Leica and Zeiss image analysis systems, a Phillips electron microscope, a Brooker 4.7 Tesla spectrometer specially equipped for animal experiments, a 1.5 Tesla Siemens Vision whole-body fNMR system, a Becton-Dickinson FACS sorter, a tissue culture laboratory, a range of different types of stem cells, and a variety of experimental systems for electrophysiological and diffusion studies, including calcium imaging and patch clamp apparatus.

Our research groups have developed particular expertise in magnetic resonance imaging, cell imaging, the use of stem cells and biopolymer hydrogels in the treatment of nervous tissue injury and degeneration, real-time iontophoretic method of diffusion analysis, pre- and postsynaptic patch-clamp recordings of receptor activity, antibody development, and yeast two-hybrid systems.

Team Lead

  • Steering Committee
Professor Eva Sykova – Diffusion Studies and Imaging Methods


Dr. Serhiy Forostyak – Neuroscience


  • Alumni
Dr. Jaroslav Blahos – Neurotransmission and molecular pharmacology
  • Alumni
Professor Pavla Jendelova – Tissue Culture, Stem Cells
  • Alumni
Dr Rostislav Turecek – Synaptic Physiology