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Technical expertise

The European Brain Research Institute in Rome
Via del Fosso di Fiorano 64

00143 - Rome
Team Leader: Prof Antonio Cattaneo

Young Investigators
Dr Michelangelo Campanella
  • Mitochondrial physiology and pathology
  • Cell biology and signalling
  • Regulation of neuronal cell metabolism 
  • Molecular and cellular pharmacology
  • Autophagy molecular signalling
  • Confocal live cell imaging

Dr Corinna Giorgi
  • mRNA metabolism in mammalian cells, including splicing, stability and translation
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying synaptic plasticity and involving mRNA processing and translation
  • Techniques for RNA and RNA-protein interaction analysis (i.e: RT and real time PCR, northern blot, FISH, in vivo ribonucleoprotein complex purification, Luciferase assays in neuronal cultures, RNAi, antisense RNA, lentiviruses production and manipulation)

Prof. Dr. Vincent Houde


Dr Silvia Marinelli
  • Endocannabinoid system and synaptic transmission
  • Vanilloid receptors type-1 (TRPV1) in the brain
  • Chronic pain and epilepsy
  • Cortical microcircuits
  • Electrophysiology in ex vivo (acute brain slices)
  • Anatomy/confocal microscopy and morphology reconstruction
  • In vivo labelling: injection of retrograde fluorescent dyes in the rat spinal cord under anesthesia

Neuroscience at Bristol
MRC Centre for Synaptic Plasticity
School of Biochemistry, University of Bristol
University Walk
Clifton BS8 1TD - Bristol
United Kingdom
Team Leader: Dr Jeremy Henley

Young Investigators
Dr Michael C Ashby
  • Expert in fluorescence microscopy and photostimulation techniques, including over 10 years experience in purchase, use, maintenance, construction and management of laser scanning confocal and multiphoton imaging systems, as well as conventional epifluorescence microscopes
  • Highly specialised expertise in the photolysis of caged compounds and photobleaching techniques (FRAP and FLIP)
  • Electrophysiology – whole cell voltage and current clamp techniques combined with fluorescence imaging in somatosensory cortex, hippocampus and in pancreatic acinar cells
  • Computer programming and mathematical modeling of neuronal connectivity based on graph theory
  • Molecular biology – extensive experience of standard plasmid cloning techniques, PCR, in vitro transcription and translation, production of Sindbis pseudovirus
  • Biochemistry – Isolation of protein from cells, Western blotting, co-immunoprecipitation, biotinylation
  • Cell and tissue culture – acute thalamocortical brain slices, dispersed hippocampal embryonic & postnatal neuronal culture, organotypic hippocampal slice culture, isolation and culture of pancreatic acinar cells
  • Gene transfer – chemical transfection procedures, adenoviral and Sindbis virus, nuclear and cytoplasmic microinjection


Dr Nina Balthasar
  • CNS Regulation of Energy Homeostasis
  • CNS Regulation of Obesity-Induced Hypertension
  • Generation and Metabolic Analysis of Neuronal Subset-Specific Genetically-Modified Mice
  • CNS Transcriptome Regulation in Obesity
  • Intracellular Energy Homeostasis in Ageing and Age-Associated Neuropathology

Dr John Hanley

  • AMPA receptor trafficking
  • Actin cytoskeleton
  • Astrocyte morphology
  • Brain ischaemia / stroke
  • Protein-protein interactions
  • Confocal microscopy

Dr Matt Warwick Jones
  • In vivo electrophysiology (tetrodes/LFP/EEG)
  • Cognitive behavioural testing

The Instituto de Neurociencias de Alicante
Campus de Sant Joan
Avenida Ramón y Cajal, s/n
03550 - Sant Joan díAlacant (Alicante)
Team Leader: Prof Juan Lerma

  • Excitatory Synaptic Transmission
  • Synaptic Plasticity
  • Learning and memory
  • Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, Autism
Young Investigators
Dr Victor Borrell
  • Development and evolution of the cerebral cortex
  • Cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the developing cerebral cortex
  • Evo-devo regulation of cerebral cortex size and topology
  • Genetics of cerebral cortex expansion and folding
  • Biomechanics of cerebral cortex folding
  • Time-lapse imaging 
  • Lineage tracing of single progenitor cells

Dr Santiago Canals

  • Electrophysiology (sharp intracellular and extracellular recordings in vitro and in vivo, multi channel recordings in vivo, microdialysis, etc.)
  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) with blood-oxygen-level dependent (BOLD) contrast
  • Concomitant application of fMRI, electrophysiological recordings and electric microstimulation
  • Manganese enhanced MRI (MEMRI) for neuronal-tract tracing in vivo and fMRI in freely behaving animals

Dr Ana Carmena
  • Genetics
  • Cell Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Proteomics
  • Confocal Microscopy 

Dr Guillermina López-Bendito
  • In utero electroporation
  • Light microscopy
  • Organotypic cultures

The Neuroscience Institute at Bordeaux
Institut François Magendie, Université Bordeaux2

33077 - Bordeaux
Team Leader: Dr Christophe Mulle

Young Investigators
Dr Jerome Baufreton
  • Dopamine receptor signaling
  • Synaptic Transmission and plasticity in health and disease (Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease)
  • Optogenetic dissection of Basal ganglia circuits ex vivo and in vivo
  • Pach-clamp electrophysiology
  • Motor behaviour
  • Immunohistochemistry

European Neuroscience Institute, Göttingen
Hermann-Rein-Str. 3

37075 - Göttingen
Team Leader: Prof Walter Stühmer

  • Martin S, Lino de Oliveira C, Mello de Queiroz F, Pardo LA, Stühmer W, and Del Bel E (2008) Eag1 potassium channel immunohistochemistry in the CNS of adult rat and selected regions of human brain. Neuroscience 155, 833-844

  • Downie BR, Sánchez A, Knötgen H, Contreras-Jurado C, Gymnopoulos M, Weber C, Stühmer W, and Pardo LA (2008) Eag1 expression interferes with hypoxia homeostasis and induces angiogenesis in tumors. J. Biol. Chem. 283, 36234-36240

  • Alves F, Dullin C, Napp J, Missbach-Guentner J, Jannasch K, Mathejczyk J, Pardo LA, Stühmer W, and Tietze L-F (2009) Concept of a selective tumour therapy and its evaluation by near-infrared flurorescence imaging and flat-panel volume computed tomography in mice. Eur. J. Radiology 70, 286-293

  • Gómez-Varela, D., Kohl, T., Schmidt, M., Rubio, M.E., Kawabe, H., Nehring, R., Schäfer, S., Stühmer, W. and Pardo, L. (2010) Characterization of Eag1 channel lateral mobility in rat hippocampal cultures by single-particle-tracking with quantum dots. PLoS ONE 5, e8858

  • Gonçalves, J.T. and Stühmer, W. (2010) Calmodulin interaction with hEAG1 visualized by FRET microscopy. PLoS ONE 5(5): e10873

    Young Investigators
    Dr Joachim Bormann

    Dr Camin Dean

    Dr Till Marquardt

    mouse molecular genetics,

    neuromuscular conditioning paradigms

    anatomical circuit tracing

    single-neuron laser-capture microdissection and transcriptomics

    whole cell patch clamp recordings on acute spinal cord slices

    live neuron/axon spinning-disk microscopy complemented by rapid transposon-based in vivo-gene manipulation in chick

    Dr Ira Milosevic
    • Cell biology
    • Advanced imaging
    • Electrophysiology
    • Biochemistry
    • Mouse genetics
    • Super-resolution microscopy at the synapse
    • Phosphatidylinositol signalling
    • Early and late signs of neurodegeneration changes
    • Regulation of synaptic transmission


    Prof Erwin Neher

    path clamp

    Ca imaging


    image analysis

    Prof Diethelm W. Richter

    Dr Oliver Schlüter
    patch clamp

    organotypic slice cultures

    mouse genetics


    viral vectors

    The European Neuroscience Institute at University College London
    Department of Physiology
    Gower Street

    WC1E 6BT - London
    United Kingdom
    Team Leader: Dr Paola Pedarzani

    Young Investigators
    Dr Francesca Cacucci

    Dr Yukiko Goda

    Dr Michael Häusser

    Dr Nicoletta Kessaris

    Dr Josef Kittler

    Dr Tom Mrsic-Flogel

    Two-photon laser scanning miscroscopy of in vivo prepaprations:

    - in vivo calcium imaging of neuronal populations with single-cell resolution

    - repeated in vivo imaging dendritic and axonal structures

    Electrophysiology in vivo

    - single- and multi-unit recordings in the visual and auditory cortex

    Intrinsic signal imaging


    Dr Angus Silver

    Dr Jesper Sjostrom

    The European Neuroscience Insitute in Paris, Pasteur
    Department of Neuroscience
    25 rue du Docteur Roux
    Bâtiment Fernbach
    75724 - Paris Cedex 15
    Team Leader: Dr Pierre-Marie Lledo

    Young Investigators
    Dr Thomas Bourgeron

    Dr Gonzalo de Polavieja
    • Mathematical modeling of neuronal circuits and behavior
    • New analysis techniques for social interactions
    • New methods of tracking in animal groups
    • Quantitative neuroanatomy
    • Information theory
    • Signal analysis for electrophsysiological and imaging data

    Dr David DiGregorio
    • Cerebellar microcircuit function
    • Synaptic and dendritic function
    • In vivo and in situ optical detection of neuronal signaling (Ca2+ and voltage)
    • Neuorotransmitter uncaging
    • Super-resolution and 2-photon imaging

    The Nencki Institute at Warsaw
    3, Pasteur Street

    02093 - Warsaw
    Team Leader: Prof Leszek Kaczmarek

    • Brain-mind connection
    • Neurobiology from molecular to behavioral
    Young Investigators
    Dr Ewelina Knapska
    • State-of-the-art behavioral testing of rats and mice (including fear conditioning and extinction, two-way avoidance learning, various tests for studying social interaction, behavioral tests in the fully automated IntelliCage system and its modifications, analysis of ultrasonic vocalization),
    • Immunohistochemical staining
    • Temporal pharmacological inactivaction of different brain structures (stereotactic canniulations), local control of gene expression using viral vectors, studying anatomical connection between brain structures with axonal transport tracers

    Dr Tomasz Proszynski
    • Generation of conditional knockout mice
    • Cell culture, including neurons and myotubes
    • Immunocyto/histochemistry
    • Confocal microscopy
    • Generation of viral vectors
    • Biochemistry: protein complex purification, co-IP, Western blot
    • Mass spectrometry


    Dr Kasia Radwánska
    • State-of-the-art behavioral tests on mice, e.g. fear conditioning, open field, rota-rod, elevated mazes, Porsolt’s forced swim test, place preference
    • IntelliCage-based analysis of mice behavior, e.g. alcohol addiction-related behaviors
    • Pharmacological approaches to study the molecular basis of behavior
    • Immunohistochemistry, fluorescent immunostaining, histology, electron microscopy,
    • Diolistic labelling for morphological analysis of dendritic spines in vivo


    Dr Jakub Wlodarczyk
    • Fluorescence confocal microscopy
    • Fluorescence lifetime imaging
    • FRET based methods
    • Superresolution light microscopy
    • Methods for protein-protein interactions study in living cells


    The Institute of Experimental Medicine ASCR in Prague
    Academy of Science of the Czech Republic
    Department of Neuroscience
    Videnská 1083
    14220 - Prague 4
    Czech Republic
    Team Leader: Prof Eva Sykova

    • Ion-selective microelectrodes
    • TMA+ real-time iontophoretic method of diffusion analysis
    • Intrinsic optical imaging
    • Patch-clamp technique
    • Multichannel recording
    • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS)
    • Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
    • Diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI)
    • Immunohistochemistry, image analysis techniques
    • Fluorescein-activated cell sorting (FACS)
    • Single and double photon confocal microscopy
    • Electron microscopy
    • Behavioral techniques for testing motor, sensory and memory deficits
    • Cell culturing of stem cells
    • Animal models of spinal cord and brain injury, stroke, ALS and Alzheimer’s disease
    • Design and implementation of human clinical studies
    • Design and construction of biopolymer hydrogels, nanofibers and cell-polymer constructs for bridging lesions of the central nervous system
    Young Investigators

    Centre for Neuroregeneration University of Edinburgh
    Chancellor´s Building
    49 Little France Crescent

    EH16 4SB - Edinburgh
    United Kingdom
    Team Leader: Prof Peter Brophy

    • Myelination
    • Transgenesis
    • Mouse genetics
    • Imaging


    Young Investigators
    Prof Giles Hardingham

    • Excitotoxicity, ischemia and apoptotic pathways in trauma models
    • Neuroprotection and pro-survival signaling
    • Transcriptional regulation in the nervous system
    • Oxidative stress and antioxidant defences in the brain
    • Electrophysiology, live cell imaging
    • Biochemistry, protein interactions, molecular biology

    Dr David Lyons
    • Zebrafish as a model for neuronal development
    • Genetic and cellular mechanisms of myelination
    • Forward genetic screens to identify genes required for myelination
    • Chemical biology screening for compounds that promote myelin formation in vivo
    • High resolution in vivo imaging of neural development

    Dr Matthew Nolan

    • Neural crcuit mechanisms for computation
    • Ion channel functions
    • In vitro and in vivo electrophysiology
    • Computational modeling


    Dr Nathalie Rochefort
    • Primary visual cortex
    • Development of cortical visual properties
    • Neuronal integration of synaptic inputs
    • Functional cortical connectivity
    • Two-photon imaging
    • In vivo imaging and electrophysiology

    Dr Dirk Sieger
    • Regulation of microglia and macrophage function
    • Neuro-oncology/neuronal injury/neuronal inflammation
    • D. rerio as disease model for glioma
    • High resolution confocal microscopy
    • In vivo live imaging
    • Ca2+ signalling

    Dr HongYan Zhang
    • Mechanisms underlying spinal locomotor control
    • Central pattern generators controlling swimming in Xenopus tadpoles
    • Development and neuromodulation of spinal neural circuits
    • Regeneration of spinal neurons after injury
    • Electrophysiology (in vivo patch clamp)
    • Ion channel kinetics and pharmacology
    • Microdissection and Imaging

    The European Neuroscience Institute at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm
    CoE in Developmental Biology for Regenerative Medicine (DBRM)
    Department of Neuroscience
    Retzius väg 8
    SE171 77 - Stockholm
    Team Leader: Prof Ola Hermanson

    Young Investigators
    Prof Marie Carlén
    • Neural network functions
    • In vivo optogenetics
    • Cognition
    • Behaviour
    • Pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders
    • Adult neural stem cells and neurogenesis

    Dr Anna Falk
    • Stem cells
    • Disease modeling using reprogramming
    • Neurological disorders
    • Molecular and cellular mechanisms causing diseases phenotypes
    • Neurodevelopmental disorders/ neurodegenerative disorders


    Dr Jens Hjerling-Leffler
    • Interneuron development
    • Mouse genetics
    • Electrophysiology
    • Neuronal heterogeneity
    • Gene expression analysis

    Dr Francois Lallemend
    • Developmental neurobiology
    • Cellular and molecular biology
    • Mouse genetics
    • Neuronal specification
    • Axonal growth
    • Sensory-motor circuits

    Prof Dinos Meletis
    • Neural circuits
    • Animal models
    • Optogenetics
    • Animal behavior
    • Transgenic animals
    • Mood disorders
    • Anatomy and virus tracing techniques

    The Brain and Mind Institute Lausanne
    Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
    Laboratory of Synaptic Mechanisms (LSYM)
    Bâtiment SV 2808, Station 19
    CH-1015 - Lausanne
    Team Leader: Prof Ralf Schneggenburger

    Young Investigators
    Dr Johannes Gräff
    • Epigenetics
    • Long-term memories
    • Traumatic memories
    • Memory loss
    • Neurodegeneration
    • Alzheimer´s Disease
    • Animal behavior
    • Molecular epigenetics (ChIP and related techniques)
    • Transcriptional profiling

    Dr Darren Moore

    Transgenesis/Gene targeting
    Mouse models/genetics
    Neuronal cell biology
    Yeast genetics/biology

    The European Neuroscience Institute at Strasbourg
    Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurobiology (INCI)
    CNRS associated with the University of Strasbourg (UPR 3212)
    5, rue Blaise Pascal
    67084 - Strasbourg Cedex
    Team Leader: Prof Bernard Poulain

    • Quantal Aspects of Neurotransmission
    • Presynaptic Forms of Synaptic Plasticity
    • Bacterial Toxins Mechanism
    • Variance-to-Mean Analysis
    Young Investigators
    Dr Matilde Cordero-Erausquin
    • Neurophysiology, slice electrophysiology
    • Optogenetics, calcium imaging
    • Morphology, neuroanatomy
    • Transynaptic labeling
    • Pain and nociceptive pathways
    • Spinal cord networks

    Dr Didier De Saint Jan
    • Olfactory bulb physiology
    • Patch-clamp recordings from dissociated cells, cultured neurons or acute brain slices
    • Paired recording, whole-cell and single channel recording
    • Two-photon guided targeted patch-clamp recording in freely breathing anesthetized mouse


    Dr Romain Goutagny
    • Cortical oscillatory activity
    • Hippocampo-cortical interactions during spatial memory processes
    • Alteration of brain oscillatory activity in various model of neuropsychiatric disorders
    • In vivo multi-site electrophysiological recording
    • Behavioral testing

    Dr Ipek Yalcin
    • Neuropathic pain and its treatments
    • Neuropathic pain and its emotional consequences
    • Mood disorders
    • Behavior and behavioral models & tests

    The Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) Coimbra
    Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Coimbra

    3004-517 - Coimbra
    Team Leader: Dr Rodrigo A. Cunha

    Young Investigators
    Dr Ines Araujo
    • Adult neurogenesis
    • Stem cells
    • Brain repair
    • Neuroinflammation
    • Glutamate receptor-mediated excitotoxcity in the hippomcampus
    • Proteases involved in neurotoxicity
    • In Vitro and In Vivo models for neurodegeneration
    • Brain ischemia
    • Laser scanning microscopy
    • Time-lapse imaging (intracellular recordings and cellular migration)
    • CNS histology
    • Primary cell cultures (hippocampal neurons, retinal cells, subventricular zone cells, astrocytes, microglia)


    Dr Attila Kofalvi

    The European Neuroscience Insitute in Paris 5
    Laboratoire de Physiologie Cérébrale

    75724 Cedex 15 - Paris
    Team Leader: Prof Alain Marty

    Young Investigators
    Dr Valentina Emiliani

    The Neuroscience Institute at Seville
    Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío/CSIC/Universidad de Sevilla
    Avenida Manuel Siurot s/n

    41009 - Sevilla
    Team Leader: Dr Rafael Fernández-Chacón

    Young Investigators
    Dr Luis Escudero
    • Neuromuscular Disorders
    • Computerize Image Analysis
    • Network Theory
    • Drosophila Development
    • Morphogenesis

    Dr Pablo Mir
    • Parkinson Disease
    • Dystonia
    • Movement Disorders
    • Neural Plasticity
    • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
    • Neurogenetics

    Neurosciences Fondamentales at Geneva
    Fondamentales & Service de Neurologie
    CMU 1
    Rue Michel Servet
    1211-4 - Genève
    Team Leader: Prof Christian Lüscher

    Young Investigators
    Prof Alan Carleton

    - In vivo multiunit recordings using silicon probes

    - Patch clamp recording in slices and in vivo

    - Functional imaging in vivo (intrinsic optical signal imaging, voltage and calcium sensitive dye imaging)

    - In vitro and in vivo 2-photon laser scanning microscopy

    - Mouse behaviour

    - Genetic manipulation using lentiviral and AAV vectors

    - Optogenetic manipulation

    Dr Anthony Holtmaat

    In vivo two-photon laser scanning microscopy

    Intrinsic optical imaging

    In vivo electrophysiolgy

    Transgenic mice and viral vectors

    Molecular neurobiology


    Dr Denis Jabaudon

    Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Crete
    Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
    N. Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton, PO Box 1385

    70013 - Heraklion, Crete
    Team Leader: Prof Nektarios Tavernarakis

    Young Investigators
    Dr Panayiota Poirazi

    • Computational modeling of neurons and circuits
    • Understanding the role of dendrites in neural arithmetic and memory formation
    • Information coding mechanisms in neurons 
    • Theoretical models of brain function
    • Bioinformatics methods for miRNA gene, mature and target prediction
    • Modeling of gene regulatory networks

    European Neuroscience Institute, Freiburg
    Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg
    Hermann-Herder-Straße 7

    79108 - Freiburg
    Team Leader: Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos

    • Electrophysiological imaging
    • Neuroanatomical, molecular biological and computational techniques
    Young Investigators
    Mrs Eva Helmstädter

    Administration and communication

    Dr Arvind Kumar

    Dr Virginie Lecaudey
    • Live cell imaging in whole zebrafish embryos
    • Laser dissection

    Dr Jan Pruszak
    • Flow cytometry, neural cell surface antigens
    • Hippo/YAP signaling

    Dr Robert Schmidt
    • Neural Basis of Behavior, Memory and Learning
    • Basal Ganglia Pathways for Action Selection, Initiation, Inhibition and Execution
    • Dopamine and Reward-Related Learning
    • Hippocampal Phase Precession, Temporal Coding and Oscillations


    Dr Maximilian Ulbrich
    • TIRF microscopy

    Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research (CNCR) Amsterdam

    W&N; building
    De Boelelaan 1085
    1081 HV - Amsterdam
    Team Leader: Prof Matthijs Verhage

    Young Investigators
    Prof Huibert D. Mansvelder
    • Neurophysiological techniques: imaging and electrophysiology
    • Multi-patch recordings
    • Brain slice recordings
    • Two-photon imaging
    • Multi-electrode array (MEA) recordings and analysis


    Prof Danielle Posthuma

    • Genome-wide association
    • Pathway analysis
    • Functional gene set analysis
    • Statistical genetics
    • MRI imaging
    • Cognitive phenotyping
    • Cluster computing

    Dr Ruud F.G. Toonen
    • Live Imaging: wide-field, TIRF, CSLM
    • Electrophysiology
    • Lenti, Semliki & AAV infections


    Helmholtz Zentrum Munich
    Institute of Developmental Genetics

    D-85764 - Munich
    Team Leader: Prof Wolfgang Wurst

    Young Investigators
    Prof Reinhard Köster

    ·      Zebrafish Developmental Genetics

    ·      Genetic modeling of neurodegenerative diseases

    ·      Live cell imaging

    Dr Chichung D. Lie

    The Institute of Experimental Medicine HAS in Budapest
    Laboratory of Cerebral Cortex Research

    Szigony utca 43
    H-1083 - Budapest
    Team Leader: Prof Tamás F. Freund

    Synaptic and molecular organization, functional architecture and physiology of neuronal circuits in the cerebral cortex and related structures, their changes underlying addiction or epileptic and ischemic brain damage, the mechanisms of endocannabinoid signaling and its relationship with anxiety

    Young Investigators
    Dr Judit Makara
    • Synaptic integration, dendritic excitability in the hippocampus
    • Regulation of dendritic properties 
    • Two-photon microscopy
    • Electrophysiology

    Dr Bálazs Rózsa
    • Fast three-dimensional two-photon imaging in in vivo
    • Electrophysiology in vivo and in vitro
    • Dendritic integration in vivo and in vitro
    • Neuronal network imaging
    • Non-linear optics
    • Laserphysics
    • Laser scanning 
    • IT, electric engineering, optical and mechanical engineering

    Dr János Szabadics
    • Electrophysiology
    • Hippocampal Circuits