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The European Neuroscience Institute at Strasbourg

Team Leader

> Prof Bernard Poulain
Communication and Networks in the Nervous System

Young Investigators

> Dr Matilde Cordero-Erausquin
Nociception and Pain
> Dr Romain Goutagny
Cognitive and Adaptive Neurosciences
> Dr Didier De Saint Jan
Synaptic Circuits Olfactory System
> Dr Ipek Yalcin
Chronic Pain

Job opportunities

ENI-Strasbourg is jointly supported by the Department in Neuroscience (IFR37) and the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique). Because IFR37 is supported by CNRS, University of Strasbourg (ULP) and INSERM (Institut National de Santé et la Recherche Médicale), ENI is also, albeit indirectly, supported by ULP and INSERM.

The Department in Neuroscience/IFR37 (Strasbourg) federates 10 research units (>285 peoples/40 teams comprising ~109 tenure-track researchers or teacher-cum-researchers, 83 support staffs, 24 Post-Docs, >70 PhD students) active in various fields from the Cellular and Molecular Neurosciences to Psychiatry. IFR37 is member of the trinational network Neurex, which gathers the Neurosciences community of the upper Rhein valley (Basel, Freiburg and Strasbourg ~1000 peoples working in academic and applied research in Neuroscience).

The 10 research units of the Department in Neuroscience/IFR37 cooperate in national and international Graduate Programs (ULP Master in Life Science, specialty “Neuroscience” ; Joint Master in Neuroscience between ULP and University of Basel, Switzerland) and the PhD program in the “Health and Life Sciences” Doctoral School of the University of Strasbourg. Presently, 2 Young Investigator groups are working in ENI-Strasbourg and are hosted by two laboratories (the UPR2356, CNRS unit “Neurotransmission and Neuroendocrine Secretion”, coheaded by Marie-France Bader and Bernard Poulain, in the Center for Neurochemistry and the UMR7519 CNRS/ULP unit “Cellular and Integrated Neurophysiology”, head: Prof. Marie-José Freund Mercier).

In 2004, a specific laboratory space (280 qm + 150 qm space shared with other teams) has been allocated to ENI-Strasbourg at the fourth floor of the Center for Neurochemistry. By 2008, we expect to extend the laboratory space of ENI-Strasbourg in order to host 4 teams. Each of the ENI-groups has access to the numerous facilities of the Department of Neuroscience: animal house, cellular imaging, brain imaging (Man and animals), proteomics and highly specialized facilities (“Chronobiotron”, high security animal house (A3/P3 level) allowing the use of pathogens).