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The Network of European Neuroscience Institutes (ENI-NET)

European Research, particularly in the Neurosciences, critically depends on the creative contributions of young investigators. 

In recognition of this important need, 14 major European Neuroscience Institutes formed the Network of European Neuroscience Institutes (ENI-NET) in 2005 dedicated to the promotion of the independent work of young investigators.  Group leaders are supported by annual activities and interactions such as network meetings, retreats, workshops, lab visits as well as other types of joint activities and collaborations help to increase the mobility and interactions among young investigators and the European neuroscience community. In addition, the network also serves as a platform for joint grant applications of our members.

Over the years, the ENI-NET has extensively grown with multiple institutes joining the initial 14 partner institutes. The network currently consists of 53 Young Investigator groups in 23 ENI Institutes in 15 European countries. The alumni networks comprises around 60 members.  

ENI-NET is an open network, consisting of several ENI institutes. Each ENI institute is comprised of a local coordinator, the team leader,   a nd several Young Investigators .

From 2005 until 2010, ENI-NET was funded through the Marie Curie Coordination Action by the European Commission within the 6th Framework Program. From 2011-2015, funding was provided by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). 

As of 2016, the network will be financed by public and private funding. To this aim, the ENI-NET Association for the Promotion of Neuroscience was founded. It is a non-profit association (according to German law), with a general meeting of members as well as advisory and executive committees. The latter one is in charge of conducting the current business of the association with Prof. Dr. Stefan Eimer as its chairman.

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Eni Net Brochure
ENI-NET Brochure

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Imaging Brain
EMBO Conference "Imaging the Brain"

18-21 May 2016

Nencki Institute, Warsaw, Poland

EMBO Workshop on Dendritic Anatomy, Molecules and Function

June 18-21, 2016

Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Heraklion, Crete.