EMBO Workshop: Imaging the Brain

About the conference

Brain plasticity plays a fundamental role in such physiological phenomena as learning and memory as well as underlies major neuropsychiatric disorders. Its understanding requires an integrated view of its functional elements: molecules, synapses and synaptic connections, as well as their chemical and electrical activity in the functional context such as behaving animals. Imaging-based methods such as super-resolution microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, in vivo voltage sensors to just name a few, have recently been recognized as revolutionary technological innovations that boost brain plasticity studies. Developing these cutting-edge techniques and their use for acquiring fundamental insights about how the nervous system functions in physiological conditions and disease, requires collaboration between neurobiologists, physicists, chemists and engineers.

This EMBO Conference on Imaging the Brain brings together the word-leading experts in the field of brain imaging. The main aim of the conference is an evaluation of the current state of the art in imaging approaches that contribute to brain studies. We aim at providing a platform to discuss and elaborate methods to improve our understanding how neurons function. However, this EMBO Conference focus is not on methodology per se, but on the use of technology as a tool for brain plasticity studies.

For further information on speakers, registration and deadlines, please go to http://events.embo.org/16-brain-imaging/