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Job opportunities

Technical Staff

3 Research Assistant/Associate

Date posted: Monday 09 February 2009
Apply before: Tuesday 30 June 2009
3 Research Assistant/Associate

Three prestigious European Research Council (ERC) funded research positions are available in the lab of Professor Jeremy Henley to investigate the pathways and functions of SUMOylation in healthy and diseased neurones. Projects will include:

  • Investigation of the regulation and activity-dependence of extranuclear SUMOylation pathways
  • identification, validation and characterisation of novel SUMOylated target proteins
  • definition of the roles of SUMO in protein trafficking and stability
  • assessment of SUMO in synaptic function, structure and plasticity
  • determination of the potential neuroprotective effects of protein SUMOylation

You should be motivated, ambitious and have, or be working towards, a PhD in a relevant discipline together with excellent communication skills. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply but preference may be given to candidates with experience in live and fixed cell confocal imaging and/or ubiquitination/SUMOylation pathways. In addition to general molecular and biochemical techniques, expertise immunocytochemistry and immunoelectron microscopy would be an advantage.

If successful, you may be appointed either on a fixed term or a permanent contract depending on the extent of your previous relevant research experience. Further information can be found at

Grade: Level a - Level b in Pathway 2 Salary: £29,704-£33,432

Contact: Professor Jeremy Henley: [email protected] Tel: 0117 331 1945

Please submit applications by: 09 February 2009
Research Assistant/Associate (Three posts) (vacancy ref. 14525)

Relevant references:
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ischaemia using in vitro oxygen-glucose deprivation: potential involvement of protein
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