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Neuroscience at Bristol

Team Leader

> Dr Jeremy Henley
Cellular trafficking of neurotransmitter receptors during synaptic plasticity in the CNS

Young Investigators

> Dr John Hanley
Molecular and cell biology
> Dr Jack Mellor
> Dr Clea Warburton
Systems and behaviour
> Dr Nina Balthasar
Neuronal Pathways in Metabolic Control
> Dr Matt Warwick Jones
Neural basis of cognition and psychiatric disorders

Job opportunities

Bristol University is home to a large and diverse neuroscience community. Bristol Neuroscience (BN), a virtual institute was established in 2003, in order to co-ordinate research and clinical neuroscience both in the University and - via the Institute of Clinical Neurosciences - local NHS hospitals. There are approximately 170 investigators associated with BN with interests extending from basic biomedical research to clinical human-based studies, and from molecular and cellular neuroscience through to animal behaviour, epidemiology and human psychology. There are multiple formal and informal collaborations between members of the neuroscience community at Bristol and substantial funding comes from a wide range of sources including national, international and industrial.