Cellular Neurobiology : New York, NY, United States

A post-doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Mitch Chesler. The focus is the modulation of synaptic transmission by activity-triggered pH transients in the central nervous system. Projects will investigate the role of rapid pH shifts in shaping excitatory input to principal neurons, and input to inhibitory interneurons. The role of this modulation in the onset of seizure will be a third component of these studies. Experiments will be conducted on acute slice preparations and in tissue culture, utilizing mouse strains with specific gene deletions. Suitable qualification includes an MD or PhD degree, and a background in Neuroscience, or experience in electrophysiology, especially with training in whole-cell recording. Applicants are invited to send a CV, a letter outlining research background, and the contact information of three references to Dr. Mitchell Chesler at: [email protected]