PAINCAGE postdoctoral position

Applications are invited for two post-doctoral research positions supported by a European Union Integrated project grant for a 2-year  period. Emphasis is on investigating the interplay between neurotrophin and endocannabinoid signalling systems in neuropathic pain states. Position 1 will require documented knowledge in quantitative neuroanatomy and systems neurobiology, while position 2 will ask for extensive experience with in vivo models of neuropathic pain, biochemistry and/or molecular biology. Knowledge in 3D reconstructive microscopy, including light-sheet and laser-scanning analysis will be considered as critical advantage.

Both projects will be pursued in a laboratory that has made major contributions to the identification and molecular dissection of endocannabinoid signalling in the developing nervous system, including the analysis of molecular substrates of cannabis sensitivity (see recent papers in Science, PNAS, Brain, Nat Commun, EMBO J).

Ideal candidates have a PhD in Neuroscience or Medical Sciences, and strong publication records in any of the above disciplines. Applications should contain a detailed CV including list of publications and other essential merits, a brief statement of research experience and written references from at least two reputable scientists.

Select candidates will be invited for interview.