Postdoc position, Neurocentre Magendie, Bordeaux, France

We offer a two-years post-doctoral position in the Neurocentre Magendie in Bordeaux, France.

The goal of this funded project is to investigate the role of astrocytes in a model of stress-induced sensitization to cocaine. To this end, behavioral experiments will be combined with in vitro electrophysiology and super resolution imaging. This project will benefit of the expertise of three groups: Dr. Stéphane Oliet’s group (Neurocentre Magendie) working in neuron-glia interaction, Dr. Pier Vicenzo Piazza ‘s group (Neurocentre Magendie, INSERM U862) well known for his work on the pathophysiology of addiction, and Dr. François George’s group (IINS-CNRS UMR 5297) whose work is dedicated to the investigation of “in vivo” synaptic adaptations induced by addictive substances and stress.

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist working at least in electrophysiology in the field of astrocytes or addiction. The candidate will have the possibility to apply for our Tenure Track program.

Job Information

Institution: Neurocentre Magendie - INSERM U862

Contact Information

Aude Panatier
Neurocentre Magendie - INSEM U862
146, rue Leo Saignat
33077 Bordeaux cedex
France Phone33 5 57 57 37 30
Email [email protected]
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