Postdoctoral fellow position, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary

Postdoctoral fellow position


The laboratory of Dr. Judit Makara in the Institute of Experimental Medicine (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Budapest, Hungary invites applications for two  postdoctoral fellow positions. The focus of the lab is to understand the principles of synaptic integration and dendritic processing and their role in orchestrating hippocampal network functions, using patch clamp electrophysiology combined with two-photon imaging and uncaging techniques (see Losonczy, Makara, Magee 2008 Nature, Makara et al., 2009 Nat Neuroscience, Harnett, Makara et al., 2012 Nature, Makara & Magee 2013 Neuron). The new projects will combine in vitro and in vivo imaging, electrophysiology and optogenetics to investigate synapto-dendritic function in hippocampal neurons.

Applicants are expected to have a Ph.D. in neuroscience or related field and experience with in vitro or in vivo electrophysiology and/or multiphoton microscopy techniques. We are looking for highly motivated, collaborative and reliable candidates.

Inquiry for more information and applications (including CV, short statement of motivation and contact details of two references) should be sent to


Judit Makara

email: [email protected]