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Wavefront-engineering microscopy

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About Dr. Valentina Emiliani

The investigation of signal transmission in brain requires to reproduce/observe physiological events that occur on a wide range of spatiotemporal scales, from e.g. the localized brief (μs) transient associated with a single (sub micron) synaptic event to the complex arithmetic that dendrites use in integrating (μs-ms) multiple localized synaptic inputs (several micrometers apart).
Light microscopy is a fundamental tool in neuroscience offering a sensitive and non-invasive approach to probe and mimic such brain complexity.
The aim of the Wavefront-engineering microscopy team is to develop a specific class of optical techniques based on spatiotemporal engineering of optical wave-fronts obtained by phase modulation solely. This approach has the advantage of minimizing power losses, permitting a quick adaptability of the excitation pattern to the experimental context and allowing a true 3D sculpting of the excitation volumes.

The team activity is organized in three research lines:

  1. Spatiotemporal control of neuronal activity by holographic photoactivation patterns
  2. Super resolution microscopy (STED) and scanning less microscopy
  3. Microendoscopy for awake animal imaging and for deep imaging

 See more at: http://neurophotonics.parisdescartes.cnrs.fr


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