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The Nencki Institute at Warsaw

Team Leader

> Prof Leszek Kaczmarek
Molecular Neurobiology

Young Investigators

> Dr Katarzyna Lukasiuk
Epilepsy Research

Job opportunities

The Nencki Institute is the oldest and largest non-university biological research institution in Poland.

Most of the research in the Institute is within the domain of neuroscience. There are more than 40 principal investigators, which are grouped into 5 departments. The total number of researchers is ca. 100, plus ca. 100 supporting staff, including administration and almost 100 students enrolled into a very active PhD program.

More than 60% of all of those are women.

The Institute has a Center of Excellence (CoE "BRAINS) status awarded by the 5 FP of EU. The Institute has a legal right to award PhD degrees.

Presently one Young Investigator is included in the proposed program. Another one will be nominated soon.

The groups have access to state-of-the-art equipment in the domains of molecular, and cell biology (e.g., two-photon confocal microscope, laser scanning cytometer, FACS, transmission and scanning electron microscopes, real time PCR, a tissue culture laboratory) as well as electrophysiology and behaviour, and a recently modernized animal house.