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The Nencki Institute in Warsaw
Nencki Institute of Experimantal Biology
Pasteur 3

02-093 - Warsaw

Job opportunities

Dr Katarzyna Lukasiuk
Epilepsy Research
The Nencki Institute at Warsaw

Research Area

The aim of the research is finding new targets for new antiepileptogenic therapies by elucidation of the molecular events accompanying epilepsies. Relevant animal models of seizures, status epilepticus, epileptogenesis and epilepsy are available and will be used to study expression and function of candidate genes and proteins. Additional global analyses of gene expression will be also performed (with bioinformatics support of Michal Dabrowski’s group).


Lukasiuk K ., Kontula L., Pitkänen A(2003):cDNA profiling of epileptogenesis in the rat brain..Eur. J. Neurosci:271-279

Technical Expertise