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The European Neuroscience Institute at University College London
Department of Physiology
Gower Street

WC1E 6BT - London
United Kingdom

+44 20 7679 7830

Job opportunities

Dr Angus Silver
The European Neuroscience Institute at University College London

Research Area

The group is studying the basic mechanisms underlying central synaptic transmission and aims to understand how the properties of synaptic connections influence higher level processing of electrical signals between neurons.
Experimental approaches incude high temporal resolution confocal microscopy and patch-clamp recording from neurons in brain slices together with quantitative analysis and modeling methods.

Nielsen, T.A., DiGregorio, D.A. and Silver, R.A(2004):Modulation of glutamate mobility reveals the mechanism underlying slow-rising AMPAR EPSCs and the diffusion coeffi cient in the synaptic cleft..Neuron:757-771.
DiGregorio, D., Nusser, Z., & Silver, R.A(2002):Spillover of glutamate onto synaptic AMPA receptors enhances fast transmission at a cerebellar synapse..Neuron:521-533.

Technical Expertise