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Helmholtz Zentrum München
Institute of Developmental Genetics
Adult neurogenesis group
Ingoldstaedter Landstrasse 1, Neuherberg
D-85764 - Munich

+49 (0)89 3187 2927

Job opportunities

Dr Chichung D. Lie
Helmholtz Zentrum Munich

Research Area

The majority of neurons of the mammalian brain are generated during development and the early postnatal period.

During adulthood the generation of neurons from neural stem cells is restricted to the dentate gyrus of the hippocampal formation and the subventricular zone of the lateral ventricles. Our lab is interested in the molecular mechanisms that control adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

In particular, we are aim to characterize the signaling pathways that regulate the neuronal differentiation of neural stem cells and the integration of new hippocampal neurons into the adult neural network.

Moreover, we are interested in the question if and how these pathways are altered under pathological conditions and during aging.

To this end, we combine mouse models for neurodegenerative diseases, mouse genetics, and in vivo retro- and lentiviral manipulation, with cell culture models and biochemical analysis.

A better understanding of the regulatory mechanisms underlying neurogenesis in the adult mammalian brain may promote the development of novel therapeutic strategies which aim at the recruitment of endogenous neural stem cells for repair of the diseased central nervous system.


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Technical Expertise