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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
21 rue Descartes

67084 - Strasbourg

+33 3 68 85 14 50

Job opportunities

Dr Michel Barrot
Basic mechanisms of pain and its treatment
The European Neuroscience Institute at Strasbourg

Research Area

Our group has 2 independent research axes:

Morphofunctional, behavioral and molecular approaches to study the plasticity associated with chronic pain, its emotional consequences, and its treatments.

Neuroanatomy and physiology of the dopaminergic systems.


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Barrot M, Yalcin I, Choucair-Jaafar N, Benbouzid M, Freund-Mercier MJ (2009) From antidepressant drugs to β-mimetics: preclinical insights on potential new treatments for neuropathic pain. Recent Pat CNS Drug Discov in press.

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Technical Expertise

Behavioral approaches in mice and rats in the fields of: pain, mood disorders, drug abuse.

Neuroanatomy approaches in rodents (tract-tracing...).

Morphological approaches.

Mice in our facilities: KO: MOR, DOR, KOR, beta2-AR, beta2-nAchR; Floxed mice: BDNF; Reporter mice: CRE-LacZ.