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The Neuroscience Institute at Göttingen
Molecular Neurogentics/Neurodegeneration
Grisebachstr. 5

33077 - Göttingen

+49 551 39-12379
+49 551 39-10129

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Dr Stefan Eimer
Molecular Neurogenetics
The Neuroscience Institute at Göttingen

Research Area

We are aiming to understand the mechanisms by which multimeric ligand gated ion channels are assembled, quality controlled, and transported en route to the synapse.
Of particular interest is the question how this transport is regulated and how these receptors are trafficked and sorted within the Golgi and early endosomal system.
Missorting and misfunction of these receptors have been implicated in various neurological diseases such as Schizophrenia, Parkinson´s, and Alzheimer´s disease.
To find new molecules involved in these processes, we take advantage of the nematode C. elegans as a main model system, and use a combination of genetic, cell biological, and biochemical approaches as well as electro-physiology and electron-microscopy.

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Yamasaki A, Eimer S, Okochi M, Smialowska A, Kaether C, Baumeister R, Haass C, Steiner H. (2006):The GxGD motif of presenilin contributes to catalytic function and substrate identification of gamma-secretase..J Neurosci.:Apr 5;26(14):3821-8.
Gally C, Eimer S, Richmond JE, Bessereau JL. (2004):A transmembrane protein required for acetylcholine receptor clustering in Caenorhabditis elegans..Nature:Sep 30;431(7008):578-82.
B. Lakowski , S. Eimer, C. Göbel, A. Böttcher, B. Wagler and R. Baumeister(2003):Two suppressors of sel-12 encode C2H2 zinc-finger proteins that regulate presenilin transcription in Caenorhabditis elegans..Development:2117-2128.
Eimer S, Lakowski B, Donhauser R, Baumeister R. (2002):Loss of spr-5 bypasses the requirement for the C.elegans presenilin sel-12 by derepressing hop-1..EMBO J.:Nov 1;21(21):5787-96.
N. Wittenburg, S. Eimer, B. Lakowski, Sascha Röhrig, Claudia Rudolph and Ralf Bau meister(2000):Presenilin is required for proper morphology and function of neurons in C..elegans. Nature:306-309.

Technical Expertise