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University College London
Department of Neuroscience, Physiology and Pharmacology
Rockefeller Bldg
21 University Street
WC1E6DE - London



Job opportunities

Dr Tom Mrsic-Flogel
The European Neuroscience Institute at University College London

Research Area

By taking advantage of recent advances in two-photon microscopy, the research in my lab addresses
three broad aims, with a particular focus on the function, development and plasticity of primary
visual cortex: 1) to understand how cortical neuronal networks encode visual information,
2) to understand how they become specialised for sensory processing during postnatal development,
and 3) to investigate how experiences influence the structure and function of cortical circuits.
We use in vivo two-photon calcium imaging to record activity simultaneously from hundreds of
neurons in visual cortex while showing different visual stimuli. This approach enables us to
characterise in detail how neuronal activity is distributed in space and time within a cortical
column and how individual neurons and neuronal subsets interact within a large cortical network
in response to visual stimuli. We investigate the maturation of cortical network function after
the onset of vision and assess the role of visual experience in this process. We are now aiming
to correlate population responses with the behavior of the animal, in order to understand how
network activity relates to the animal´s perception. Moreover, genetic labeling of different
neuronal subtypes allows us to address the role of different cell classes in sensory processing.
Finally, by means of high-resolution two-photon time-lapse imaging of individual synapses
(dendritic spines) over the course of days to weeks, we can visualize how synaptic connectivity
changes during development, during novel sensory experiences and after learning.
Together, this knowledge will contribute to our understanding of how circuits in the cerebral
cortex processes sensory information and how they adapt to an ever changing environment.


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Technical Expertise

Two-photon laser scanning miscroscopy of in vivo prepaprations:

- in vivo calcium imaging of neuronal populations with single-cell resolution

- repeated in vivo imaging dendritic and axonal structures

Electrophysiology in vivo

- single- and multi-unit recordings in the visual and auditory cortex

Intrinsic signal imaging