Professor Pavla Jendelova Department of Neuroscience – The Institute of Experimental Medicine ASCR in Prague

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Tissue Culture, Stem Cells

About Professor Pavla Jendelova

The main topics studied in the laboratory are isolation, labelling and the use of stem cells for the treatment of brain injury, spinal cord and neurodegenerative diseases. Various types of cells (mesenchymal stem cells, neural precursor cell lines derived from fetal spinal cord, or from induced pluripotent cells) are studied, together with anti-inflammatory substances for their potential to promote the regeneration of nervous tissue. Macroporous polymeric hydrogels are used as suitable carriers for cell growth in in vitro cultures as well as for in vivo implantations facilitating the regeneration of the injured tissue. The aim of the cell therapy is to repair, replace or improve biological functions of the damaged neural tissue.

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